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Build a loyal following that leads to long-term ecommerce growth. Implement the Harpia Method to capture leads, convert them into customers, and maximize life-time value.

Stop wasting $$$ with bad email marketing.

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Email & SMS marketing for ecommerce brands that are ready to turn subscribers into fans.

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Numbers don’t lie. Get results like these:

Print-on-demand ecommerce grew their email marketing revenue from 5% to 30% in 3 months.
Apparel business got an extra $78,000 of retention revenue one month after working with us.
Food & drinks brand retained more people and increased customer life-time value by 300% in 90 days.
24% revenue from emails

Scaling to Consistency and Record-Breaking Revenue

The pet portraits niche is tricky for return rates, making it the perfect retention challenge.

After a solid flow setup across the customer journey, campaigns ready to educate & engage people, and constant pop-up optimizations, we had it all in place to generate real revenue and make people come back more often.

This led to a BFCM season with +40% of the brand’s 2022 revenue and an average of 24% of revenue from email marketing in 2023.

Yearly revenue % from BFCM


Email marketing contribution


Total revenue from flows


31% revenue from emails

Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value with Strategic Campaigns

The key to fine art printing is to work with artists and photographers who will print multiple artworks over time.

With this customer avatar in mind, we developed a strategy to nurture them with engaging content emails, educate them with printing technical knowledge, and convert with product launches and well-timed offers.

Tailoring our email and SMS communication to our customer avatar led to an average 52% Open Rate, a 2.1% Click-Through Rate, and over 31% of the total store revenue from retention marketing strategies.

Average Open Rate


Revenue from email marketing


Average Click-Through Rate



A good journey improves the experience, but timing is what makes you either interesting or irritating.


Fly Higher with the Harpia Method

After helping over 50 ecommerce brands scale their retention marketing, we’ve built a playbook that unleashes your ecommerce’s full potential.

Our methodology consists of 3 steps:

Step #1

Building A Solid Foundation

We start by completing our 82-points audit checklist to make sure you excel at what most brands (and agencies) miss: A solid account set-up & a solid structure to start capturing more leads.

Provide value, and people will join – A solid strategy from the first contact is what brings people in.

There’s no email marketing without a strong foundation.

Account Basics:

Is your Klaviyo account properly synched with your ecommerce, product feed, and pixel?

List Building: 

Are your pop-ups converting? Are you consistently running A/B tests to improve results?

Email Health:

Did you set up a private domain? Are you cleaning and suppressing unengaged subscribers?

Step #2

Create a Journey, Not A Newsletter

A strong newsletter is key, but most brands stop there. Your store grows from emails when you’ve built an engaging journey that continuously provides value & entertainment for the subscriber.

The expression you’re looking for is Customer Experience.

Convert Subscribers into Customers

Automated Emails: 

Are your core emails good? Do you excel at the primary flows that every leading ecommerce has?

Email Broadcasts:

Are you mailing often? Does the content always provide value to your customers?

Email Creative:

Are you getting clicks and orders from your emails? Your creative is responsible for that.

Step #3

Maximize Value: From Leads to Fans

The real magic happens when you unlock the potential of your past customers. The constant optimization & refining of your email strategies allows for repeat purchases, upsells, cross-sells, ensuring your customers remain engaged, loyal, and even better – promoting your brand to others.

Increase retention, and you increase your brand’s success.

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

List & Segments: 

Is your list growing monthly? Do you segment subscribers to send them valuable emails?

SMS Marketing:

Do you send SMS? At the right time? Most importantly, in an effective & respectful way? 


Is your list good enough for deeper segmentation & advanced flows? Do you improve past flows?


Harpia’s Flight Plan for your brand starts with a Free Retention Audit.

We’ll create strategies, copys, designs, and optimize it all tailored to your brand’s needs, based on our expertise with the 50+ partners we’ve worked with in the past. 

No guesswork, no bad traffic sent to your store.

“It’s really good to be able to understand & visualize everything. You’re the first agency to do that for me.” – Hanane H.

Feedback received during Harpia’s kick-off meeting.


Time to Turn Your Emails Into Sales

Apply now for a 30 min free call where we’ll design your brand’s growth levers together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me?

This offer is for ecommerce business owners with validated brands ready to scale. If you’re dropshipping or just starting out — then this is not for you.

I’ve been burned by agencies before; why trust you?

Working with agencies is like a personal relationship. Just because you’ve been in a bad relationship before, you shouldn’t stop trying.

We’re a Klaviyo Gold Agency Partner who has worked with 50 ecommerce brands like yours for over 5 years. Give us a chance, and we know you’ll love our methodology.

Why not just hire a freelancer or do it in-house?

Hiring requires training, time, and a lot of risks. To manage a successful retention marketing program, you’ll need to hire and train an experienced team: Klaviyo specialist, email designer, copywriter, and project manager. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and risky.

Hiring a professional agency like Harpia is a shortcut to success at a fraction of the cost.

What if it doesn’t work? Do you offer a guarantee?

We only work with companies we know we can help. If we run your retention marketing audit and realize we can’t help you — we won’t work with you. Although, if we take you on as a client and you fulfill your client duties (approval and providing content), and we still don’t perform — we’ll refund you your last retainer.

We work on a month-to-month basis. You cancel anytime.

Still have questions? → Send us an email at biz@harpia.co

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