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Klaviyo Guide: Complying with Google and Yahoo’s 2024 Email Sender Requirements for Ecommerce Brands

by Pedro Franca
4 minutes
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Learn how to navigate the 2024 email sender requirements set by Google and Yahoo in "Klaviyo's Advanced Guide." This essential guide for ecommerce brands covers domain authentication, simple unsubscription methods, and maintaining a low spam rate. With Google and Yahoo's stricter rules on the horizon, our comprehensive guide prepares you for compliance and continued success in email marketing. Explore Klaviyo's practical strategies and tools to adapt to these changes, ensuring your ecommerce email campaigns remain impactful and aligned with the new industry standards.

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If you work with ecommerce, you have probably heard about Google and Yahoo’s new sender requirements by now.

As the digital marketing world evolves, so do the rules of engagement. Google and Yahoo are introducing new email sender requirements in 2024, shifting from best practices to mandatory compliance for email authentication.

These changes significantly impact bulk email senders, especially those sending over 5,000 emails daily. Klaviyo is at the forefront, offering this advanced guide to help ecommerce brands navigate and comply with these new requirements, ensuring your marketing emails reach your audience effectively.

Understanding the Impact and Importance

Google and Yahoo’s new regulations primarily target large bulk senders, but the implications extend across the email marketing spectrum. Proper email authentication, ease of unsubscribing, and maintaining a low spam rate are no longer optional but essential. These measures protect users from spam and phishing, enhancing the email experience.


Klaviyo’s Action Plan for Ecommerce Email Marketing Compliance

Utilize a Branded Email Address

Shift from generic email addresses to domain-specific ones. This meets new standards and enhances your brand’s professional image.

Establish a Branded Sending Domain

Klaviyo strongly advises creating a branded sending domain. It’s a step beyond using a professional email address, reinforcing your brand’s authenticity.

Domain Authentication Check

Start by understanding the domains you use for email sending and ensure they are fully authenticated. Klaviyo recommends validating your entire domain, not just individual email addresses, by making necessary adjustments to your DNS records. Follow Google’s best practices.

Custom DKIM Authentication

Implement custom DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) for your emails. This step confirms your legitimacy as a sender and ensures that messages are not altered in transit. As Gmail and Yahoo tighten their requirements, DKIM becomes crucial to your email strategy.

Implement SPF and DMARC

Alongside DKIM, ensure your emails are authenticated using SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) protocols. These standards further validate your emails and protect your domain from unauthorized use.

Simplify Unsubscription Process

Allow users to unsubscribe easily with a single click. Klaviyo’s platform will automatically include this feature in all emails, complying with the new requirements and enhancing user experience.

Ensuring Desired Content

Keeping spam complaints low is vital. Klaviyo’s analytics and tools, like Google Postmaster, can help monitor your email strategy, ensuring alignment with recipient preferences and new standards. Also, clarify your message and ensure that you only send high-engaging emails.

Leverage a High Performing Email Flows Strategy

High-performing emails are open-rates above 25% and click-through-rates above 1% while maintaining low unsubscribe and spam complaint rates. To do that, create highly-engaging email flows (welcome, nurture, post-purchase, and abandoned series).

Monitor and Maintain Spam Complaint Rates

Register your domain with Google’s Postmaster Tools to keep track of your spam complaint rates. Aim to keep this rate below 0.3% to maintain a healthy sender reputation and ensure deliverability. Monitoring these rates will alert you to potential areas for improvement in your email strategy.


Prepare for a New Era in Ecommerce Email Marketing

The upcoming changes by Google and Yahoo mark a significant shift in email marketing, with a stronger focus on security and user experience.

By following Klaviyo’s detailed guide, your ecommerce brand can comply with these new standards and enhance its email marketing practices.

This proactive approach ensures that your emails continue to engage and convert, maintaining their vital role in your digital marketing strategy.


Email Sending Requirements Most Asked Questions

Google and Yahoo are mandating stronger email authentication, one-click unsubscribe options, and a maximum spam complaint rate of 0.3%.
Primarily large bulk senders sending over 5,000 emails per day, but it’s recommended that all email senders, regardless of size, comply.
To protect users from spam and phishing, and to enhance overall email security and integrity.
Use standards like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to authenticate and secure your emails.
It allows recipients to easily opt-out of emails, improving user experience and compliance with the new regulations.
Validate your email domains, implement custom DKIM, set up SPF and DMARC, simplify unsubscription, and monitor spam rates.
Klaviyo offers tools and features, including easy unsubscription links and analytics, to help you comply with these requirements.
Non-compliance could lead to email deliverability issues, including your emails being marked as spam or not reaching the inbox at all.
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Pedro Franca

Pedro is the founder at Harpia, an ecommerce growth agency focused on scaling inspiring brands through email marketing and advertising. He helped over 50 brands sell $100+ million with the Harpia Method.

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