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Your No-B.S.
Ecommerce Growth Agency

Tired of agencies that over-promise and under-deliver? We’re too…

The era of do-it-all, tax-on-growth, long-term contract agencies is over. You don’t need them.

You need a no-nonsense, results-driven partner – an Ecommerce Growth Agency.

What is an Ecommerce Growth Agency?

An ecommerce growth agency specializes in strategies specifically tailored to growing online stores. Unlike traditional marketing agencies, which focus on marketing services and deliverables, an ecommerce growth agency like Harpia follows a specific ecommerce growth methodology.

Key differences include:

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Specialized Expertise:

An ecommerce growth agency like Harpia only works with online stores. Therefore, we mastered the ecommerce ecosystem, consumer behaviour, technology stack, and industry-specific strategies. Traditional agencies “learn on your dollar”, while growth agencies leverage the knowledge from working with dozens of brands within the same industry.

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Data-Driven Approach:

Traditional agencies focus on reach, cost per click, and other vanity metrics. We understand the nuances of each ecommerce business model and how to maximize growth, whether you sell multiple SKUs, offer subscriptions, or even on-demand models. We created an ecommerce growth formula to help you scale.

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Technology Stack Mastery:

Traditional agencies work with any software and platform – but master none. Harpia works only with major ecommerce platforms & software, allowing us to master them. We are Shopify, Meta, Google and Klaviyo agency partners.

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No Taxes or Long-Term Contracts:

We care about your growth and believe your profits are yours to keep. We won’t require a 12-month contract to work with us, and we won’t ever charge a percentage on your sales. We’re not the IRS — we’re your growth partner.


Introducing the HARPIA Methodology™

After 5 years of working with over 50 ecommerce brands, we learned what you must accomplish to succeed as an online store. It’s pretty simple. But it MUST be done properly…

Help Your Customers

Attract through Storytelling

Retain and Maximize

Plan in 90-Day Cycles

Involve as Brand Advocates

Amplify with Optimizations

A Proven Methodology Trusted by 50+ Ecommerce Brands:

Stop trying to re-invent the wheel Implement a proven ecommerce growth methodology to reach your goals:

Traditional Agency VS Ecommerce Growth Agency

Traditional Agencies
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General marketing knowledge
Specialized in ecommerce growth
Do-it-all for everyone
Focused on growth and retention
Pricing Model
Billable hours revenue share
Fixed monthly rates
Contract Terms
Typically 6 months minimum
Flexible month-to-month
Revenue Share
2-10%+ of ad spend
0% revenue share
Platform screenshots
Customized dashboards
Primarily through emails
24/7 Slack channel and monthly meetings
Client Focus
Diverse businesses
Exclusively ecommerce stores
Strategic Approach
Proven Methodology (Harpia Method)
Tools & Tech
Varies widely
Ecommerce specific tech stack
Client Relationship
Service provider
Partner and growth collaborator


Our Ecommerce Growth Services

Unlike do-it-all agencies, we focus on three main marketing services – Strategy, Growth and Retention.

Component 1

Ecommerce Strategy

Our 2-day strategy workshop built to develop your tailored marketing plan and a 90-day action roadmap. 

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We’ll amplify your brand’s message through laser-targeted advertising on Meta & Google platforms. 

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Email Marketing

We’ll implement our email marketing playbook to increase client retention and life-time value. 

That’s all you need to grow your ecommerce. No secret-sauces. No B.S.

Want to know more about our services?


Problems Ecommerce Owners Are Facing

And how an ecommerce growth agency like Harpia will help you overcome them:

It’s clear what should be done, but it’s impossible to do it all at once. So you’re left with half-built bridges and barely anything accomplished.

Growing a business alone is hard and lacks motivation. You need partners that will push you to continue giving your best.

You don’t know which platforms are performing well and which are not. You can’t afford to continue all of it, but you’re afraid you’ll stunt your growth.

You want to grow, but it feels like you’re making it up without clear guidance on how to get to where you want to go.

It’s hard to know if you’re on the right track or if your marketing metrics are healthy if there’s nothing to compare yourself to.

Every sale you make means you’ll have to work more “in” the business and less “on” the business, and you’re struggling to keep up.

Poor hires, weak processes, cash flow, and lack of marketing direction are why ecommerce businesses fail to scale.
Great people are not looking for work. You either have to poach them, which is expensive, or train them. Hiring an ecommerce growth agency is usually the best route.
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Over 50+ Brands Skyrocketed Growth After Implementing the HARPIA Methodology


Book a 17-minute Discovery Call

Schedule a quick Zoom call with our team to discuss your ecommerce challenges and objectives. By the end of this call, you’ll clearly understand the steps you can take to achieve your goals.

This is for you if…

✔ You want to scale efficiently.

You don’t believe in miracle pills and must understand that growth takes work. Efficiency is how we’ll get there faster and profitably.

You think customer-first

If you can’t get good reviews or you’re trying to maximize profit over product quality and customer satisfaction – you’re what’s wrong with the industry.

You have skin-in-the-game.

We’ll put our hearts to give you the best services we can. But it’s your business to run — not ours. We’re your growth partner and not your CEO.

You’re looking for an Ecommerce Growth Agency.

You’re tired of traditional do-it-all agencies that learn on your dime and focus on deliverables. You need a growth partner.

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