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Proven Methodology to Scale Your Ecommerce in 90 Days

Over 50 brands implemented this ecommerce growth methodology to skyrocket sales with email marketing and advertising. Are you ready?


Get results like this

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“Before Harpia we were doing 20 orders a day. Now we’re looking at 150.”

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We’re not your agency.
We’re your Ecommerce Growth Partner.

We’re an ecommerce growth agency with a purpose: help brands simplify their marketing, empowering visionaries to lead meaningful brands. We focus on the marketing so that you can focus on your business.


Numbers don’t lie. Get results like these:


Fly High with the
Harpia Method™

The Harpia Method is a 3-steps process that unleashes your ecommerce brand’s full potential through strategic planning, relentless advertising, and customer value optimization.

Here’s how we do it:

and implement a proven methodology!
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Get off the hamster wheel...
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Ecommerce Strategy

Our 2-day strategy workshop built to develop your tailored marketing plan and a 90-day action roadmap.
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We’ll amplify your brand’s message through laser-targeted advertising on Meta & Google platforms. 

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Email Marketing

We’ll implement our email marketing playbook to increase client retention and life-time value. 

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Ecommerce Marketing Should be Inspirational​

At Harpia, we’re building relationships through digital experiences. Brands should both enthrall and fulfill customer potential.

Marketing isn’t just a campaign; it’s a way to bring people together toward a common goal. Let’s transform funnels into journeys, words into emotion, and sales into relationships.

We communicate with intent, honesty, and that spark of creativity that inspires both your bottom line and your customers.


It's Time to Turn Your Ecommerce into a Money-Making Machine!

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Hiring requires training, time, and a lot of risks. To manage a successful retention marketing program, you’ll need to hire and train an experienced team: Klaviyo specialist, email designer, copywriter, and project manager. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and risky.

Hiring a professional agency like Harpia is a shortcut to success at a fraction of the cost.

We only work with companies we know we can help. If we run your retention marketing audit and realize we can’t help you — we won’t work with you. Although, if we take you on as a client and you fulfill your client duties (approval and providing content), and we still don’t perform — we’ll refund you your last retainer.

We work on a month-to-month basis. You cancel anytime.

Working with agencies is like a personal relationship. Just because you’ve been in a bad relationship before, you shouldn’t stop trying.

We’re a Klaviyo Gold Agency Partner who has worked with 50 ecommerce brands like yours for over 5 years. Give us a chance, and we know you’ll love our methodology.

The Harpia Method is a proven methodology to help ecommerce business owners with validated brands ready to scale. If you’re dropshipping or just starting — then this is not for you.

No. As an Ecommerce Growth Agency, our goal is to scale your business efficiently, which requires much more than just FB ads. First, we must evaluate your business and ecommerce before sending traffic to it. Imagine turning on the faucet with a leaky pipe — losing water and damaging your foundation. In this case, your business.

We’re your growth partner – not a deliverable’s machine.

We acquired extensive business and marketing knowledge. 99% of agencies today focus on tools like Facebook ads and AI bidding optimization. This approach diverges focus from what truly matters — effectively communicating your message to the right people. To create extraordinary marketing experiences, we need to know our customers and how we solve their pain points.

Learn more about Harpia and our principles.

No. Even though we’ve done it before, it does not work well for any party. From our side, performance-basis results in unpredictable cash flow, which means that we won’t have enough to invest in your strategy. Essentially, most of the work is done before results come in. In addition, you do not want to give up a significant revenue share to a marketing agency, which will create a growth roadblock and dependency on a third-party partner. You want to own what you paid for.

Yes, but it is usually not realistic. When you focus on several tactics simultaneously, you create “Half-Built Bridges.” In other words, you’re spread too thin to be able to work on a tactic from start to finish properly, and your customer goes through an incomplete experience. Therefore, we suggest completing one tactic at a time and leveraging profits from a successful tactic to build others.

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