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Klaviyo Guide: Complying with Google and Yahoo’s 2024 Email Sender Requirements for Ecommerce Brands

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Learn how to navigate the 2024 email sender requirements set by Google and Yahoo in “Klaviyo’s Advanced Guide.” This essential guide for ecommerce brands covers domain authentication, simple unsubscription methods, and maintaining a low spam rate. With Google and Yahoo’s stricter rules on the horizon, our comprehensive guide prepares you for compliance and continued success in email marketing. Explore Klaviyo’s practical strategies and tools to adapt to these changes, ensuring your ecommerce email campaigns remain impactful and aligned with the new industry standards.

Why You Should Fire Your Ecommerce Marketing Agency

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Struggling with your ecommerce marketing agency? Learn why many agencies fail and how to audit your current one for better results. Discover the common pitfalls like inflated ROAS, unrealistic expectations, and focusing on the wrong metrics. Get actionable tips on what to look for in a specialized ecommerce growth agency like Harpia.

A Growth Hacking Guide to Ecommerce Self-Liquidating Offers

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Sales funnels are, in essence, strategic marketing campaigns that have multiple steps. They are also known as conversion funnels and should be an essential part of your ecommerce customer journey. This article will introduce you to the most important ecommerce marketing strategy – Self-Liquidating Offers.

Half-Built Bridges Are Killing Your Ecommerce Brand Growth

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Have you tried to grow your business using various marketing tactics but have not seen a remarkable impact? Without a focused strategy from the onset, your efforts may resemble what we at Harpia like to refer to as half-built bridges.  What is a half-built bridge? It takes exceptional engineering, strong anchorage, and sound reinforcement to […]

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